Panguin Tool

Developed by Barracuda and provided free of charge to marketers and SEO agencies globally. The Panguin Tool enables you to see the impact of Googles various algorithm updates on your organic traffic (search for Panguintool to find us in position 1).

One of the things we do as an SEO agency when analysing a given website is to examine the organic/natural traffic that Google sends through from ‘Google searches’. When we see spikes and dips in traffic along the trend line, we need to know why it has happened so we can replicate the spikes and reduce the dips. One explanation for these deviations can often be Google itself altering its algorithm and hence the way in which websites and webpages are categorised and ranked.

Via Google Analytics we have access to our organic Google traffic data, and thanks to SEOmoz’s Google Algorithm Change History we have a documented timeline of the major Google updates. Would it not be great if we could see the two together? Well that is exactly what our tool does.

Once you log-in to the tool you will be able to see your Google organic data from the last 12 months, overlaid with some vertical lines which represent the different Google algorithm updates. By simply rolling over an update you can see what Google was trying to target and then examine if your website may have been affected or not.

Since we launched the Panguin Tool on September 6th 2012 it has been well received and has attracted some good comments, support and social buzz, particularly as a method for presenting data in a visual way. At Barracuda we continue to enjoy innovating and contributing to our industry.