Tracking to the next level

10 years ago online marketing used to be about driving traffic to websites. These days traffic is still important, but the game has moved on. The key question that all website owners what answered is ‘how do I turn more visitors into customers’.

Understand your Website Visitors

Thanks to Google Analytics, website tracking technology is available to all. Installing Google analytics can give you a quick and easy way to understand how people found your website, the pages they’re looking at, and the products they’re buying. And its free.

More than Google analytics

Google analytics is fine to a certain level, but tends to focus the attention towards how people find your website the most recently. In reality, users visit websites lots of times before buying. It’s important to understand how they found your website EVERY TIME they found it.

Making the right decision

If you can understand all the different ways in which people find your website, you can make decisions about which bit of your marketing works and which doesn’t.

Conversion Rules

It’s all about applying conversion rules to your marketing channels, which make sure the right traffic source gets attributed with a sale. Afterall, there’s no point in ramping up your PPC spend if the sales are really down to your email campaign. Barracuda Digital uses this technology to reduce your marketing spend, and boost your returns.